Recreational Vehicle Insurance

What are the Benefits of Having RV Insurance?

RV America is the #1 RV insurance agency in the U.S.  Our customers like to work with us because we are committed to making shopping for their RV, boat, PWC, motorcycle, collector car, and mobile home insurance easier and less costly.

How you make use of your RV, How often you put it to use. and even how you take care of your RV itself. it's all as important as the RV protection coverage you consider.

Your RV is your house on wheels, so you need a unique scope of protection to ensure your investment, and Weaver Arizona RV Insurance has it for you. regardless of whether or not your recreational vehicle is a camper, trailer, or your full-time RV home, we've got an appropriate protection coverage for you, because we are experts in Arizona RV insurance coverage, we communicate the best coverage options with our extensive knowledge in RV insurance policies.

RV coverages are not altogether that different from your average automobile policy. There are many different types and policies and coverage types. There are factors that help Weaver customize your coverage specific to your needs. What type of policy and your use will decide the type of coverage you will need.

Weaver Insurance can provide you with a tailored RV insurance quote, and we’ll automatically build a custom policy with the type of coverage that is best for you. It’s that easy. Your quote, fast and customize so You get a policy that’s right for your needs.

Just like a traditional home, your RV is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. With our Permanent Attachments Coverage, you can rest assured that the features you love - like your outside awnings or the antenna that powers your favorite shows – are well protected.

This means Weaver can offer the type of coverage that is unique to your unique situation. We are able to compare quotes which allow us to offer you the coverage you need at a competitive price.

You can also choose from several optional insurance coverages like roadside assistance, emergency assistance, custom equipment coverage and more. And of course, RV insurance includes all the standard insurance protection you expect in an auto insurance policy.


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