Arizona Home Insurance Coverage

Homeowners Liability Coverage
Homeowners protection secures the biggest single venture a great many people make: their home. Our aides help you comprehend strategies and settle on fundamental and basic choices simpler.

Arizona Homeowners Insurance Coverages
A basic Homeowners insurance policy usually will contain more than one option of liability coverage into a policy. In most cases there are four types of coverage that are offered in a Homeowners policy: (1) Dwelling and Personal Property; (2) Liability; (3) Medical Payments; and, (4) Additional Living Expenses.

Dwelling and Personal Property Coverage
Dwelling coverage helps pay for any type of structural damage to your house. Structures that are on the property but not attached to the house such as a detached garage, a storage shed or any other building are usually covered for about 10% of the coverage on your home. Your policy also provides more limited coverage for personal property, commonly 10%, if it is stolen or damaged while you are away from home, including when you are on vacation. The amount of insurance is usually 75% of the policy limit on your dwelling. Personal property coverage pays for your contents including household furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings.  

Personal Liability Coverage
Homeowners insurance provides personal liability coverage that pertains to any non-automobile accidents on and off your property. Only if the cause of injury or damage was initiated by you, a family member, or your pet.

Medical Payments Coverage
Medical payments coverage pays if an individual outside of your household is hurt at your house no matter of reason or fault and covers the cost for reasonable medical expenses.

Additional Living Expenses
Policy's of this type usually pay up to 20% of the coverage amount on your dwelling for costs incurred that exceed your normal daily living expense amount. If you must move into a motel or apartment temporally due to a loss covered by your policy, the insurance company will pay reasonable and necessary additional living expenses, generally for up to 12 months. 


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